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Academy925 is a new, e-learning platform that provides corporate management training online using interactive video and a game based approach. Managing poor performance - and other difficult worplace situations - is never easy. One of the most effective ways to learn is through role play – using realistic, immersive scenarios.

Try Academy925.com and see how our innovative e-learning approach can benefit you and your organisation.

Near-Life Learning

When you face complex situations like managing poor performance, sickness absence or handling issues around exclusion and diversity, the most effective way to learn is by experiencing these situations in a realistic way. Academy925 provides this immersive experience using a game-like approach to online training. The decisions you take influence how the learning scenarios unfold.

Management and HR training online has often been criticised for not being engaging but Academy925 changes that. Research has shown that using interactive video and gamification not only aids retention, it also improves the online learning experience.

A recent study by MIT showed that 97% of people preferred to learn this way.
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