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Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace

Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace is an interactive training programme that helps managers deal with challenging situations more effectively in their workplace. It focuses on four areas which managers across a wide range of organisations have reported as the most challenging to deal with.

The course is made up of four modules which focus on:

  • Poor Performance
  • Allegations of Unfair Treatment
  • Sickness Absence
  • Exclusion

Respected well-trained managers boost morale, and improved morale boosts retention.

Companies and managers should focus on getting the basics of sound management right. Good managers respond to issues quickly and fairly in order to get the best performance from their team for their organisation. Whether you are new to management or simply want to brush up on your management skills, Academy925's Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace course will help you become a better manager.

The course takes a blended learning approach, offering written content, video materials as well as four unique, interactive scenarios where learners face a number of workplace challenges.

As a means of getting you actively thinking how best to deal with each scenario and implementing the core principles of good management, Managing Challenging Situations has designed a ‘real world’ environment in which you will be able to interact with various individuals and make decisions. Your decisions will ultimately decide whether the situation is resolved successfully, or not. And feedback on your perfomance will help you understand how better to approach a situation when it presents itself in the real world.