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How it works

Welcome to Academy925, the home of innovative online training for the workplace. The aim of Academy925 is to provide high quality, interactive training for individuals who are looking to develop their own professional skills. The system is designed to teach and test learners using relevant, interactive scenarios based on real-life situations that are most commonly faced in the workplace. You will also receive feedback on your performance. As in real life, whether you respond or not, the scenario will move forward and events will unfold based on your action, or lack of it.

Flexible learning

The first course on Academy925 is Managing Challenging Situaions in the Workplace. The course focuses on four core areas of Management: Poor Performance, Allegations of Unfair Treatment, Sickness Absence and Exclusion. The course is ideal for new and experienced managers alike.

This self-paced course with Academy925 provides learners with:

  1. Expert Content: Newly developed written content is supported by mini-films that highlight the key learning points of the course modules.
  2. Interactive Scenarios: At the end each course module, interactive scenarios will test your ability to learn and apply the approaches and measures covered in the course content. Theory will immediately be put to the test in real-life scenarios where you are challenged to make decisions using what you have learned through the course.    
  3. Feedback: Every decision that you make is recorded. When a scenario is completed, you will receive a report which allows you to review your performance. The detailed feedback explains why your choice was the best - or not - course of action.

Once a course is completed, every learner receives a completion certificate that is stored in their personal learning journey. Certificates can also be downloaded and printed.

Course fees

If you are purchasing a course for yourself, you should select the individual option from the menu on the Registration page.

Organisation accounts also come with access to the Client Admin section of the platform so that you can assign and manage your learners.

We have created bundles with in-built discounts for organisations that require access for multiple learners. The discounts kick in as soon as the bundle threshold is reached or passed. Simply type in the number of learners that you require and we will automatically apply the correct discount.

The following table illustrates the savings available.

Please note that all fees are net of VAT. Additional savings are available for larger orders, please contact for more info. Access to a course is valid for 12 months from course activation date and can be purchased on an individual basis or in multiples, depending on your needs.

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