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What is the best online management training?

It’s not an uncommon question: what is the best online management training? Budgets are tight, time is short but there are problems that need to be solved.

Perhaps its managing poor performance, dealing with diversity or exclusion in the workplace: complex problems that are best dealt with through immersive learning that engages the trainer.

But when it comes to this type of bespoke learning, delivered by onsite consultants, the cost can be high – as can the time commitment.

Near-Life™ and Academy925 uses Digital Training Solutions’ innovative new online learning approach: Near-Life™. The aim is to make learning more immersive and more interactive, moving away from the traditional e-learning model to a more engaged approach.

The aim is to change the face HR online training and other types of e-learning for the workplace.

By utilising game based scenarios, where the decisions users take affect the outcome of events, Academy925 replicates the kind of experiential learning that is a proven model for this type of corporate training.

Working with leading training specialists, on developing content, Academy925 is designed to offer the best management training online that is available.

Academy925’s first course was developed around Managing Difficult Situations in the Workplace. The materials and scenarios have been created by leading HR experts Josie Hastings Associates.

This course on Managing Difficult Situations includes specific modules on Managing Poor Performance, Managing Sickness Absence, Exclusion in the Workplace and Unfair Treatment.

Managing Poor Performance and other Challenges

It is a problem every manager is likely to face at some point. How can it be learnt in a safe way that allows learners to test their decision making ability?

Typical e-learning can find it difficult to tackle nuanced issues around decision making but Academy925 provides a new approach to management training online that presents the users with choices. It is a more engaging approach that builds on the proven capacity of gamification to enhance the learner experience.

Similarly when dealing with other sensitive topics around dealing with difficult staff, exclusion in the workplace or diversity – it is highly beneficial for managers to be able to tackle these challenges on the basis of training that tests how you respond in realistic situations.

It’s like role play training only this management training is online.

Improving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement plays a huge role in training, it is estimated that 23% of employees leave their jobs due to a lack of development opportunities and 58% of people in work feel ‘trapped’ in their current role due to lack of qualification and skills.

Employee Engagement goes further than motivation, it can be seen as a combination of employees feeling valued, confident, and committed to their organisation.

77% of businesses believe that using different learning technologies will help them respond better to the changing face of training and business. It is clear, training and employee engagement go hand in hand, companies that use online learning technology achieve 18% boost in employee engagement.

Academy925 has been designed to help address this need. A company needs to deliver maximum return on investment for their training. They want the best online management training possible for their money.

Similarly employees and would-be learners want management training online that is flexible but that supports their progress and development.

We know that:

  • 7 out of 10 people say that development & training opportunities influence their decision to stay with their employer (Middlesex University)
  • Only 12% of learners apply the skills from training to their job (24x7 learning workplace learning)
  • 1 out of 3 employees say uninspiring content is a barrier to learning (train like a champ)
  • $13.5m USD/1000 employees/year is wasted on ineffective management training online (hrprofessional magazine - train your managers)

So why interactive video?

“The best teacher is very interactive” – Bill Gates

Research has proven that users find interactive video more engaging.

Academy925 takes the best practice around this emerging field and utilises it to create the interactive training narratives that the online learning is built around.

HR online training typically lacks this kind of immersive approach. Interactive video makes the scenarios more real and allows the maximum impact – improving the nature of online learning.

Similarly, research from Perotta et al (2013) has shown that 80% of those questioned believe they are more productive in a game based environment. Gamification in training is seen by many as the future.

By utilising the engagement offered by interactive video and delivering it through a game based approach, Academy925 is changing how management training online is delivered.

HR training is a complex field but interactive video and a game based approach can make it possible to tackle even the most nuanced challenges, like exclusion in the workplace, through online training.

Online Management Training – Does it work?

Despite the arguments above and what the research shows – many people, comfortable with traditional training methods still ask – does online management training really work? It’s a valid question. Much of the elearning of the past was low on engagement and often didn’t provide an effective means of feedback.

The online training on Academy925 is designed to capture the key data needed to measure individual progress and enhance organisational understanding.

During the process of their online learning, upon completion of each scenario, users receive feedback about the choices they made. Blending the best practice in elearning and traditional LMS software with the kind of discussion based understanding role-play training can provide, is part of the reason why Academy925 is the best online management training available.

And these reports, whether on Managing Poor Performance or Dealing With Sickness Absence, also provide excellent material for management review and feedback provision.

Academy925 – Beyond HR Online Training

As the Academy925 platform grows and develops, a library of interactive online learning will be developed.

Key courses that are planned include Sales Training Online and Customer Service training online.

Are there other management training online courses that you might like to see?

We want Academy925 to be the best online management training available and we are seeking continuous improvement in terms of both content and functionality.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions – and why not sign up now to see what makes Academy925 the number one for management training online.