Dealing with poor performance

Dealing with performance issues is one of the most common challenges faced by managers.

Address it early

While it is never easy to resolve, the sooner you deal with it, the better the overall outcome is likely to be. In the following podcast, HR consultant and trainer Josie Hastings provides an overview of how to deal with poor performance in the workplace.

Dealing with poor performance can be a challenge for managers but it’s important to address it early. Not only does it affect the individual concerned but it can also have a detrimental effect on the wider team.

The first stage would be for the manager to observe what is happening with each member of staff through observation of their work and regular one-to-one meetings.

Supporting the poor performer

Should any issues be identified, then it’s important to offer training, support, mentoring from another member of staff who’s competent in this area. These actions will address most issues.

Capability procedure

If problems persist then it’s important for a manager to start the capability procedure immediately. Look at your company’s procedures and even request advice from the HR team at your organisation.

A company’s capability procedure should be designed to support staff and managers in dealing with problems regarding performance which may arise from time to time and which leads to the employee not fulfilling the expected requirements of the role or could arise from the employee’s inability to fully perform the role. Capability refers to poor performance due to a lack of skills or application rather than the inability to maintain adequate standards of behaviour.

The capability procedure usually involves having a meeting with the poor performer, stating the evidence on which you are basing the conversation and making it clear what steps they need to follow to improve performance. A performance improvement plan may help enormously at that stage and you should work with the person to help them achieve the objectives of the plan. A performance improvement plan, or performance action plan, is a great way to give struggling employees the opportunity to succeed while still holding them accountable for past performance.

Should that not work, then you would go to the next stage of the capability procedure in line with your company policy.

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